In Franche-Comté, there is so much to discover

The Franche-Comté region offers numerous tourist attractions and excursions not far from La Fresse. From the top of Mont-d’Or, the view of the Alps is stunning. The Doubs River meanders through the valley, past quaint villages, before flowing out of the Chaillexon Lake over a spectacular 28-meter waterfall – classified as one of the 15 most beautiful sites in France !

Besançon, the birthplace of Victor Hugo and the Lumières Brothers, is a city of art and history. Its famous citadel was built primarily by Vauban, Louis XIV’s tireless military architect. Visit the numerous museums, including the fascinating Time Museum. Discover palaces and vestiges of Roman architecture, and don’t forget to visit the famous saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, an amazing architectural masterpiece designed by Nicolas Ledoux.

Switzerland is just minutes away and offers a wealth of activities including exciting cities like Lausanne and Geneva brimming with museums, concert halls, and upscale shopping.

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