Franche-Comté, a food lover’s paradise

Franche-Comté is a treasure trove of cheeses, including the famous Comté cheese, one of the region’s AOC-classified products, aged up to three years. You’ll love the region’s Mont-d’Or, a creamy cheese ringed with a strap of spruce, and Morbier cheese with its trademark layer of ash in the middle.

Area lakes offer up Arctic char, and the region’s rivers are known for delicious trout.

Try Jura deli meats including cured and smoked meats, ham and the region’s famous Morteau sausage with its trademark wooden peg casing closure calling to mind the sausage’s juniper- and pine-smoked flavors.

Visit Pontarlier’s distilleries and sample the area’s famous anis-flavored apéritif or gentian liquor from the pine flower that grows in the Jura Mountains. Once again in vogue, discover absinthe, far safer today than the beverage of old !

Finally, the Jura is one of France’s largest winegrowing regions, producing two local specialties : yellow wine and straw wine.

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